Committed to Excellence

My name is Charlie Osborne. I own OSMEAC Solutions. We specialize in business/executive consulting, advising, and contracting for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Taking it back a few years, while serving in the United States Marine Corps I attended some of the best training a Marine squad leader can get at the advanced infantry training battalion on Camp Pendleton at Infantry Squad Leaders Course. Over several months, we trained our minds and bodies to lead Marines. Not only did I learn how to push my limits physically, but mentally as well.

During that course we utilized an acronym every Marine knows and every NATO force utilizes in planning that goes into every training exercise and mission. OSMEAC also called the operation order process is a five-paragraph order that spells out every single detail of the mission from exact troop location – direction and distance of travel, to immediate action drills in ‘what if’ scenarios.

This is similar to what I found to be a business plan. Except in the Marines we were writing them every day. This created a mindset built for business. I did not learn this overnight; it took me years to unlock what I had already acquired in one chapter of life and then realize the potential it had to be on another chapter. Veterans have many skills that we simply forget about or force out of our minds. For that reason, I strive to combat the stigma that all combat veterans are riddled with PTSD and are a danger to corporate America.

After I left the service I worked for large publicly traded companies as well as small private companies in varying industries both as a full-time employee and a contract for hire. One thing I noticed is that most of the learning an employee does is in the first six months. Usually proceeding that, employees stay stagnant and there isn’t much to learn (with exceptions).

I found myself bored working 9-5 jobs as a corporate accountant and would take on process improvement tasks on my own without permission. Organizing presentations and presenting them to whoever my boss was at the time and they would usually listen. Although sometimes this new process could eventually (and sometimes did) replace my job, I found it was far more fulfilling to keep my mind sharp than to stay in my comfort zone.

After several years I started contracting freelance and decided that was more my pace. I could utilize my process improvement skills while simultaneously performing the tasks I needed to get done. When finished I would move onto the next business. Sometimes taking on more than one job at once.

Eventually my contracts became higher profile and I found myself at the CFO level performing work as a consultant or a contract CFO. I found a desire to work completely for myself and receive the benefits of being a business owner.

I created OSMEAC Solutions as a full-service business consulting and contracting firm. I am constantly learning, but I see a benefit in providing the information from the knowledge I have gained for people in all facets of life and business.

My goal is to leverage the knowledge I have gained from those mistakes, and successes alike, to help others find new ways to approach decisions and leadership. By creating a proactive approach to decision making as a whole, I want to help change the business reactive cycle for those willing to listen. 

I have a Masters degree in Accounting. I like to spend my free time with family and friends. I also volunteer in the local honor guard for our community providing funeral services with flag folding, bugle playing of TAPS, and the three-shot rifle volley for veterans that have passed on.

I can always be reached at my email address with questions and inquiries – charlie@osmeacsolutions.com.