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The bread and butter of OSMEAC Solutions. Starting out, every business owner wears more than one hat at once. There are very few scenarios where hiring a full time executive while growing into that next phase is feasible. Most do not need the full time help yet, and many do not have the money for full time CFOs right away. That is where we come in. As part time executive leadership, we are able to give the same expert advice and guidance that a full time (much more expensive) executive would provide.

Whether it is long term or temporary we will provide full cycle accounting and finance oversight. We ensure the processes are in compliance with government regulations. Most importantly, we tailor custom reports to each executive as needed to best fit their needs to be able to make informed decisions. All of this is based on our ability to provide accurate and detailed data.

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Check out my new business guide, “Leading the Decision-Making Process”! It dives into a few very important topics on business leadership and how to approach those difficult decisions. If you are considering hiring us, and want to really get to know some of our experience and history, reading that book is a great way to get started.

Having worked with all different industries and organization layouts and sizes, we have the experience that allows us to bring new light to your business. We have helped several companies work through difficult times. Whether it is a process that needs to be improved upon, or general business advising, we adapt to your needs.



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Projects frequently come up within the normal course of business that owners and managers generally do not have time to fit in. Having a professional consultant take over that project for you is sometimes the best decision to save time and money long term. We have several people on staff ready and willing to help with system implementations, bookkeeping clean up, process improvement or any other course of business short or long term.

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