Oct 31, 2022

Top Signs Your Business Has Accounting Problems


Your business may seem to be successfully run and bringing in profits, but more companies have accounting problems than you think.

Despite adequate amounts of work, bookkeeping may not be as organized as possible. Also, many new business owners believe they can independently manage finances for a new entity. In these situations, the money saved from not hiring a professional or time lost letting issues go unresolved could be the downfall of their entrepreneurial dreams.

Are you concerned that your business has accounting problems? Let’s look at some of the signs to watch out for and some of the benefits of using a fractional accountant for all of your financial needs.

Poor Cash Flow Management

While it might seem like you have plenty of loyal clientele and loads of work, your bank account numbers don’t reflect that success. This may be because you haven’t kept up with getting paid on time, you’re spending too much money on frivolous purchases, or you don’t generate your invoices quickly enough.

Investing in contract accounting services can allow someone else to take over this work for you. Assistance is necessary if you simply don’t have enough time to get everything done. A team like OSMEAC Solutions can help you keep track of your finances. The best part is, we help and get paid by the contract, on your terms.

Bad Organization

Receipts, invoices, payments, and other monetary transactions should be kept organized in order to have a functional financial system. If you have this paperwork all over the place and in different people’s hands, there’s no real way to track your budget.

You may know where items are for the time being, but eventually, your disorganization will catch up with you, and the necessary accuracy for bookkeeping will fall by the wayside.

Contract accounting services can help you develop a way of getting organized so this information can be referenced again in the future without feeling like something has gone missing. It’s also important to have a good record keeping system when tax time rolls around. Good organization and proper bookkeeping usually involve elements like spreadsheets, filing systems, online file storage, all of which a fractional accountant can help you create.

Unsent Invoices are Piling Up

Staying focused on serving your clients and keeping business moving is important, but you also want to ensure that you’re keeping up with invoicing people who owe you money.

You should send out invoices as soon as a job is complete. Nobody likes getting an invoice for something months later when they don’t remember that they needed to budget for a payment.

Remember, you aren’t getting paid if you aren’t sending out invoices. So, if you discover a stack of invoices in your “to send” inbox, you may have some current or incoming accounting problems down the road.

You’re Struggling to Pay Employees

Is it difficult to find where money is available to pay your employees at the end of a pay period? There should be plenty of surplus available that makes it possible to pay your employees on time.

Whether you’ve made the mistake of combining personal and professional accounts, haven’t kept up with the books, or know you have pending invoices you haven’t checked in on, these mistakes will impact your employees and business success.

How can OSMEAC Solutions Help?

While all of these signs are indicators of accounting problems, the good news is that none of them have to be permanent.

It’s understandable that not every business can afford to take on a full-time accounting team. Yet, a DIY accounting approach usually ends with essentials falling through the cracks.

OSMEAC Solutions offers businesses nationwide the opportunity to have financial support without the full-time commitment. Our fractional accounting services are all based on contracts that our customers schedule when they need us.

From bookkeeping to tax preparation and even stepping into a fractional CFO position, OSMEAC Solutions can help your business overcome accounting problems and get its finances in motion.

Take Control of Your Business’s Finances Today with OSMEAC Solutions

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Our remote accounting services are not only helpful, but they’re also convenient and affordable. Let our professionals help you make a difference in the overall success of your business.

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